Welcome to POP POT – Where History Meets the Future

In the heart of eternal Rome, a fresh design concept emerges: POP POT. Deeply rooted in tradition, we draw inspiration from ancient Roman amphorae, emblematic of a golden age. Yet, our vision does not rest in the past. Leveraging 3D printing, we reinterpret these classic archetypes with a contemporary twist, offering novel shapes and colors ideal for today modern spaces.

Our passion extends beyond just design; it encompasses care for our planet. With 3D printing technology, we not only craft unique, tailored pieces, but we do so with a staunch commitment to environmental sustainability. We utilize eco-friendly materials like cornstarch and recycled plastic, minimizing environmental impact and championing a greener, more responsible production.

POP POT is the perfect marriage of tradition and technology. Each piece narrates a story – a journey that spans from ancient Rome, through the frontiers of modern 3D printing technology, straight into your living space. Join us on this journey. Explore our collection and discover how POP POT is redefining the way we think of design, sustainability, and timeless beauty.

POP POT: Tradition. Technology. Sustainability.