XL Pot Collection
“Experience grandeur on a new scale with our XL Pots. Not just vases, but monumental expressions of history and modern innovation, taking their essence from the Roman amphorae typified by Heinrich Dressel from the captivating Monte Testaccio site. These majestic creations aren’t just sizable in form but also vast in their potential for customization. With three fully customizable color bands, each XL pot boasts the capability of thousands of unique color combinations, promising a one-of-a-kind artistic statement for every individual. Beyond their striking appearance, these vases embody functionality and sustainability. Their ingenious design allows them to open and securely host any recyclable plastic bottle, presenting an elegant solution for showcasing your fresh flowers. Crafted to perfection with the finest grade PLA, these eco-conscious masterpieces represent the epitome of green luxury. Each vase, born from the finesse of 3D printing, is proudly manufactured in Italy by pop pot. Immerse yourself in the magic of customization and allow us up to 15 working days to craft your envisioned masterpiece.”