Pop Pot was born from Arabella Rocca and Giacomo Sanna’s idea of reinterpreting Roman amphorae in a pop style.

The POP POT vases are a reinterpretation of the Roman amphorae found on the Testaccio Monte de’ Cocci in Rome, and catalogued by German archaeologist Heinrich Dressel at the end of the 19th century

All vases are made through the digital craftsmanship of 3D printing in eco-friendly materials such as cornstarch and recycled plastic.

The POP POT vases have variable size from Mini to Giant, from 10 to 100 cm in height.

The amphorae, each with the name of important Roman emperors and empresses, are all characterized by very bright colors that enhance their contemporary reinterpretation.

Only eco-friendly materials are used, mainly PLA (a derivative of corn starch). Print times vary from 3 to 24 hours per piece, depending on sizes.