Large Pot Collection
“Unveil the grandeur of the past, married with today’s innovative craftsmanship. Our Large Pots are more than just vases – they’re a symbol of history’s timeless elegance, drawing inspiration from Roman amphorae as depicted by Heinrich Dressel from the renowned Monte Testaccio archaeological site. Amplify your space with these majestic creations, each available with a glass insert to further their allure. For those seeking an extra touch of distinction, our two-color special editions promise a unique visual delight. Abiding by our commitment to sustainability, every vase is meticulously crafted using top-grade PLA – an eco-conscious thermoplastic derived from renewable sources. Revel in the intricate details, the result of advanced 3D printing techniques, each proudly printed in Italy by poppot. Customizable to cater to your artistic vision, these pieces are prepared specially upon your request. Allow up to 10 working days for us to bring your vision to life.”