Giant Pot 100cm
“Step into the realm of the majestic with our Giant Pots. Towering at a height of one meter, these vases redefine scale and elegance in the world of decor. Meticulously crafted using industrial 3D printers, each piece embodies an ambitious fusion of ancient Roman amphorae influences, as echoed in Heinrich Dressel’s studies from Monte Testaccio, with avant-garde design principles.

But it’s not just about grandeur and aesthetics. By employing recycled plastic in our creation process, we bring sustainability to the forefront, ensuring these pots are resilient enough for outdoor settings. Each Giant Pot stands as a symbol of our commitment to environmental consciousness and luxury, proving that both can coexist harmoniously. Venturing beyond the boundaries of traditional interiors, our Giant Pots invite nature into their narrative, making them perfect companions for gardens, patios, or expansive lobbies.

Echoing the spirit of Italian craftsmanship, each vase is a testament to our vision at pop pot, merging innovation, sustainability, and artistry. Given the bespoke nature of our creations, we humbly request you to allow us up to 7 working days to curate this larger-than-life experience just for you.”